About Us

Littoralis Limited, the company behind Disc, was established in 1999 to build on its background of developing ‘Best Practice’ document-management and current awareness systems.  Its Disc system started life as ‘BCRP Intranet’ in 2008, later re-branded  as ‘Disc’ in 2013 .

Littoralis has worked with police, local communities, independent crime reduction partnerships, Business Improvement Districts and other groups to establish Disc as by far the most widely used and respected system of its kind in the UK.

We’re proud that today Disc is recognised as the UK ‘industry standard’ for managing low-level crime and ASB within local communities.

It’s definitely not all about technology. Our commitment to customer support and our in-depth knowledge of data protection law have underpinned the success of Disc – and will continue to do so.

Building on our original focus on local business crime reduction schemes and Business Improvement Districts, Disc is now established across a wide range of sectors including major retail multiples, some of the largest shopping centres in the country,  security providers and police forces.

They believe Disc provides the tools not only to ‘close the policing gap’ between police and the communities they serve but also to provide the platform for joined-up – and engaging – community policing across the country.

Need a one-to-one discussion or demonstration?

We’re happy to schedule a one-off webinar/conference call – it’s efficient and easy to set up. If you need a visit, we’d be delighted to come to see you.