Disc at Work

Disc at Work

This 20-minute presentation looks at Disc from the point of view of Users.

We show how the Disc smartphone App or Desktop keeps Users up-to-date about low-level crime and anti-social behaviour in their local area or across their organisations, enables them to access galleries of known offenders, and quickly and simply submit Incident Reports to maintain exclusion schemes. 

We also show how internal Incident Reports can be ‘escalated’ out of Disc to the police as ‘direct-to-police crime reports’.

Users can access their own reports too, as well as send Instant Messages to other Users like them. We explore how Disc’s ‘Engagement Tools’ ensure that Disc becomes an every-day part of their business procedures.

Need a one-to-one discussion or demonstration?

We’re happy to schedule a one-off webinar/conference call – it’s efficient and easy to set up. If you need a visit, we’d be delighted to come to see you.