Our development team has been busy adding new functionality to the Disc crime management system. We have enhanced the Crime Alert Service, Incident Reporting & Offender Data Protection areas.

Here is a flavour of some of the new functionality that we have been working on.

Spreading News – Wider & Faster

More and more Disc systems are linking together for ‘cross-Disc publishing’ of crime news, alerts, documents, ID-Soughts etc. Previously, when an Alert item was cross-Disc published into a receiving Disc system, the receiving Admin could re-publish only to ALL Members, and only send it by email – not by sending a push notification to app users too.

Now we’ve enabled the receiving Administrators to re-publish to specific ‘Member Categories’ so Alert items can now be sent out only to those Members who are most relevant. Plus the receiving Administrators can choose to send out push notifications about the items to Disc app users – so urgent news or alerts can be spread quicker than ever.

Editing Incident Reports

Administrators can now edit all Incident Reports when they come in – previously this wasn’t possible because we wanted to preserve the reports exactly as they had been submitted by Members in case they were used for prosecution purposes. However, now more and more Disc systems have implemented Direct-to-Police Crime Reporting, that’s not so important.

Admins can now amend details, add further details, change the submitted image(s) etc – and also apply fixed codes (defined by the Administrator him/herself) to, for example, extract all incidents that relate to a specific modus operandi or merchandise type.

Direct-to-Police Crime Reporting

Where Direct to Police Crime Reporting is enabled, Administrators can now refer Incident Reports back to the reporter and suggest that they consider ‘escalating’ them into Crime Reports through Disc. Plus, when an MG11 Witness Statement is submitted with a Crime Report, it now comes in two parts to make it easier for police 101 desks to process. The ‘front page’ (which contains the witness statement itself) is now sent as a separate PDF to the ‘back page’ (containing the reporter’s personal details including contact details).

Enhanced ‘Data Protection By Design’

To ensure that Disc continues to align with the GDPR principle of ‘data protection by design and default’ we have provided Administrators with the ability to enable/disable the display of ID-Sought image on their weekly eNewsletters. If they choose to disable the feature, where new ID Soughts have been submitted into Disc in the previous seven days an anonymised ‘Icon’ appears above ‘Tap/Click here to view recently added ID Soughts’ – Members who tap or click will be taken into the Disc secure environment where they can review the images.