Lockdown has been a challenge – but an opportunity too.  For us, we’ve been able to concentrate on finalising and delivering important product enhancements.


Disc SC

Pride of place goes to the launch of Disc SC – for ‘Segregated Content’.  Disc SC, an optional extra for new or existing customers, enables a Disc Administrator to use a single Disc system to deploy and support any number of different ‘schemes’.

We believe Disc SC provides new opportunities for Business Crime Reduction Partnerships (BCRPs) and Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) alike. BCRPs can extend the ‘reach’ of their Disc systems (and their subscription revenue too) with new schemes, and into new areas.  BIDs can extend the benefits of the Disc communications platform beyond their retail and nighttime businesses to all their levy-payers.  Read more about Disc SC here. 


Enhanced Alert management

Administrators can now manage their Alerts with new, important functions. In Admin Centre > I want to… > Manage Content > Alerts, all Alerts can now be filtered by those sent in the previous 7, 30 and 90 days and year-to-date; by Alerts sent to Member Category; by Alerts to sent to Areas. Each Alert also now features a ‘Notes’ field which Admins/Authors can use for adding comments which won’t be shown to Members.

Alerts may often include personal data of Offenders etc. So, to help Admins to comply with data protection obligations, a new option in Admin Centre > I want to… > Configure Disc > Alerts enables them to limited the number of days that Alerts will be accessible to Members in the Disc App and Desktop; a further option specifies after how many days Alerts will be irrevocably deleted from their Disc Database.


Associating Multiple Offenders

Linking Offenders together across multiple incidents has always been an important feature of Disc – enabling Admins to identify prolific offenders and consolidate incident data for evidence in court.  Our new ‘Associate Multiple Offenders’ tool in the Admin Centre > Incidents to Process and Admin Centre > I want to… > Manage Content > Incidents dataviews makes it quick and easy to associate one or more additional Offenders with the reported incident.  We’re expecting to deploy the function in the Disc App and Desktop for Users in the next couple of months.


Instant Messages by User Category

One of Disc’s most powerful tools is its built-in Instant Messaging system – which is, like all Disc information-sharing tools, ‘compliant by design’. Administrators love the Disc IM system for sending urgent/important information straight to their Users, and most enable their Users to do likewise. However some Admins want to restrict the ability to send IMs to selected Users only, and this is now possible with this latest enhancement.  To configure this, go to Admin Centre > I want to… > Configure Disc > Instant Messaging.


Image capture on smart phones

The latest iPhone and Android versions of the Disc App now prevent images, taken within the Disc Incident Report form, to be saved to users’ own devices. Hitherto, these images were copied automatically to their own local ‘camera rolls’, representing a potential data protection risk. While Rules & Protocols often require that users delete such images, the Disc app now handles this automatically, delivering more reassurance to Data Controllers.