We are continually listening to feedback from our customers and enhancing Disc in line with customer needs. We launch new features every month! We have been recently developing a number of useful enhancements to the Disc system to improve notifications and enhance reporting functionality.

The new features are:

Cumulative Filters on all Dataviews

Filters on all Dataviews now work ‘cumulatively’, so multiple filters can be applied to drill-down to a specific set of results.  For example – you can report on all Incident Reports about a particular Offender in a given Area, over the last 12 months. To see this in action, select a Filter by: option (wait for the page to refresh; do not click Go), then select a Values: option. When the results are returned, the selected filter will be shown above the table of results. You can keep applying more filters, or can remove an applied filter by clicking the X icon next to it at the top of the table of results.

New Partners screen in the app

As on the Disc Desktop, Members can now view Partner Logos in the Disc App.  There’s a new ‘Partners’ icon on the App homescreen screen – tap to display all Partners’ logos and, if the logo is linked to a partner’s website, tap the logo to open up that website within the app.

Crime Report reference numbers now searchable on Manage Incidents

If direct-to-police Crime Reporting is enabled on your Disc system, you now have a way to find out which Incident Report a particular Crime Report was originally generated from. This can be useful if, for example, the police ask for details about the original incident and provide you only with a Disc Crime Report reference number. To find the original Incident Report, enter the full reference code (e.g. DISC_1234) in the Search form on the Manage Incidents Dataview and click Go. Note that the search query is case-sensitive and must include the underscore character.

Incident Loss values shown on “Incidents to Process” and “Manage Incidents” Dataviews

If an Incident Report is about theft or fraud, loss value information for it is now included in the Summary column of the “Incidents to Process” Dataview and “Manage Incidents” Dataview. If the information isn’t included in the actual Incident Summary (the portion that will displayed to Members if a report is published), it is displayed only in the Summary column for the Administrator’s reference.

Push notifications from multiple Disc systems

Members (including Authors and Administrators) who have active accounts on more than one Disc system can now receive push notifications from all the Disc systems they belong to. Tapping on a received push notification will open up the Disc App’s Express Login screen: entering the four-digit PIN to go to the relevant Alert or Instant Message in the relevant Disc system.

Push Notifications now forcing more Android phones to ‘wake up’

Over the last few weeks, we’ve released a number of updates designed to improve receipt of Disc push notifications on Android devices. Some manufacturers block certain notifications from ‘waking’ their phones, or from alerting users to new notifications by sound, even if user-settings allow notifications from Disc. We have been progressively rolling-out updates to address this issue, and most Android devices alert users when a new Disc push notification is waiting for them.

“Sent to Members” information in “Manage Alerts” Dataview

If an Alert has been ‘Sent to Members’ (it was emailed and/or sent as a push notification) the text “Sent to Members” will be displayed in its Date Created column of the Manage Alerts Dataview. Hovering your mouse cursor over it reveals whether it was sent by email, by push notification, or by both and (where applicable) which Member Categories it was sent to.