Here are five new features of Disc, launched since the new year:

1) Current Awareness Providers and Recipients

Disc systems can now be designated as either providers or recipients of ‘current awareness’ information, such as Alerts and News. A ‘provider’ Disc system will typically be a regional or national organisation (for example, National Business Crime Solution which uses Disc to share current awareness information with retail multiples and a growing number of Business Improvements Districts).  ‘Recipients’ are any number of participating Disc systems.

The new function means that content from the provider can be seamlessly delivered straight into multiple receiving Disc systems, seamlessly and with no re-keying. But the receiver always stays in control: they can either

  • configure the local Disc system to automatically distribute the content immediately and directly to its members, or
  • opt to review and amend the content as appropriate before sending it on, or
  • simply decide not to pass it on at all.

This new feature makes it easy for receivers to opt-into content from providers. NBCS is the first such provider to take advantage of the system – but we’re keen to encourage others to join them – there’s no charge.

2) New Filter by > Premises option

Disc Administrators can now filter Incident Reports in the Manage Incidents, and the Incidents to Process, data views by Premises. It’s now easy to find all reports submitted by/for a particular Premises and to print to PDF or export to CSV.

3) Additional options for Filter by > Latest Incidents

Three new options have been added to the Filter by > Latest Incidents tool on the Incidents to Process’ and Manage Incidents’ data views – Last 1 year, Last 2 years and Last 5 years, making it easier than ever to identify (and print or export) incident reports submitted within those timeframes.

4) Members’ Premises collapsed under a ‘tooltip’

On many Disc systems, individual members are typically assigned to one or more Premises – usually their workplace(s). Previously, a Member’s Premises were displayed as a comma-separated text list, within the Email address column of the Manage Members page. The list of Premises to which a Member is associated has now been hidden under a ‘tooltip’. Simply hover your mouse cursor over the Premises text to reveal the Premises each Member belongs to.

5) New Members Added through the Disc App

Disc Administrators and Authors with full Admin Rights can now add Members through their Disc App. In the App’s home screen, just tap ‘Admin Functions’ and ‘Add New Member’, enter the new Member’s email address and tap Submit. The Member will be added to Disc and their Welcome Email will be automatically sent – exactly as if they’d been added through the Admin Centre.

For more information or further support on using any of these new features do get in touch with us.