You may have noticed our new website. We’ve been acutely aware that our previous site scarcely did justice to the expansion of Disc over the last couple of years, let alone the myriad of new functions that have been added in that time. Hopefully, our new website puts that right – we’re delighted with it!

Our commitment to continual product enhancement continues, and last month we launched our new Disc ‘segregated content’ system. This important ‘variant’ of Disc for Watch Groups is ideal for larger partnerships which support multiple schemes across a wide area such as a county.

The new version of Disc enables one Disc implementation to support entirely separate schemes so that, for example, Members of one scheme cannot access the personal data of Offenders who are relevant only to Members of a different scheme.

It’s not just Offender data that is segregated. Current-awareness information – news, alerts, documents, information about upcoming events and ID-Soughts – can also be segregated in this way so it can be shared only with Members to whom they are relevant.

Another advantage of the system is that the same Disc implementation can support schemes which the partnership or BID may want to make available to Members who may not have a legitimate interest in accessing the personal data of offenders. So a BID, for example, can opt to provide a current-awareness service to all its levy-payers for sharing information about the complete range of activities that the BID is undertaking on their behalf.

If you’d like to know more about the new ‘segregated content’ Disc system, get in touch.

Elsewhere in Disc we continue to release useful new features, including:

  • Handy ‘tool tips’ to help Members complete crime reports and MG11s where Direct to Police Crime Reporting is enabled.
  • Enhanced CSV export of Incident Report data to show the current status of any associated Crime Reports – whether submitted or pending – where Direct to Police Crime Reporting is enabled;
  • We’ve added new robust processing within the Android version of the Disc App to enable uploading of larger image files;
  • Administrators (and full-rights Authors) can now add new Members through the Disc App when they’re on the move; just tap on Homescreen –> Admin Functions –> Add new Member;
  • Administrators can now choose whether or not to share Offenders’ prohibition documents with their Members in the Disc Desktop and Disc App. This is useful where such documents include personal data which is not appropriate to share with Members; Administrators and full-rights Authors can continue to access these documents through the Disc Admin Centre. Configure this at Admin Centre –> I want to… –> Configure Disc –> Configure login page etc.
  • We have added new options to the existing ‘Breach of an order/ban etc’ incident type, which now enables the individual selection of ASBO, CPW, CPN, CBO and ‘Other injunction’; each is tracked and displayed separately in the Disc Incident Analytics reports.
  •  A new Incident Type has been introduced to report Coronavirus-related anti-social behaviour, enabling individual selection of Gathering with more than one other in public, Non-compliance with social distancing rules, Non-essential activity in public, Non-essential trading and Non-essential travel. Let’s hope we can soon retire this new Incident Type!
  • Each Member’s Organisation is now displayed beneath their email address at Admin Centre –> I want to… –> View Analytics –> Members –> Member Sign-ins.