Setting up an Exclusion Scheme

Setting up an Exclusion Scheme

You may know about the benefits of Exclusion Schemes in reducing shop theft and antisocial behaviour across a town or city-centre, rural areas or within a single organisation. But how do you go about setting one up?

This 25-minute presentation helps you make the first, all-important decisions: what kind of scheme are you contemplating? An independent or an in-house scheme? What is the most appropriate corporate structure? Who can be members? How can you involve Partners like the police and the local council? Why are ‘Rules & Protocols’ essential? Will you need a separate Constitution?

After the presentation, you’ll be able to email us for a copy of the full presentation, with notes, plus Model ‘Rules and Protocols’ and ‘Constitution’ documents.

Need a one-to-one discussion or demonstration?

We’re happy to schedule a one-off webinar/conference call – it’s efficient and easy to set up. If you need a visit, we’d be delighted to come to see you.