The origins of the Yeovil Crime Reduction Partnership go back more than 20 years to when a local Chamber of Commerce-led initiative was set up to reduce shoplifting within the town centre.

That was then and this is now, and Derek Yeomans has noticed some significant changes.

According to Derek, the partnership’s general manager: “The scheme has certainly evolved from an early focus on shoplifting into more of a community project. It is not just about retail crime any more or Pubwatch. We now engage a much wider group.

“We have the church as members, for example. We have street pastors, car park attendants, street cleaners, council members, housing officers, even the local hospital. They’re all affected by antisocial behaviour and are subject to abuse, and they all benefit greatly from sharing and communicating their information and intelligence with the crime reduction team and, through the the team, with each other.

“Today, the partnership is a very different beast compared to the original.”