Exclusion Schemes and
Data Protection Law

This 30-minute presentation provides a brief overview of the Data Protection Act 2018, including GDPR, followed by a more detailed look at the key documents that Data Controllers of Exclusion Schemes must have – by law.

With the focus on ‘need to know’, we summarise the data protection law, identify the statutory duties of Data Controllers of Exclusion Schemes, discuss the key concept of ‘Legitimate Interest’ and then take an in-depth look at all obligatory documentation. After the presentation, you’ll be able to email us for a copy of the full presentation, with notes, plus a complete set of ‘Model’ documents which can be used as the basis for all the obligatory documentation required by typical exclusion scheme.


Setting up an Exclusion Scheme

You may know about the benefits of Exclusion Schemes in reducing shop theft and antisocial behaviour across a town or city-centre, rural areas or within a single organisation. But how do you go about setting one up?

This 25-minute presentation helps you make the first, all-important decisions: what kind of scheme are you contemplating? An independent or an in-house scheme? What is the most appropriate corporate structure? Who can be members? How can you involve Partners like the police and the local council? Why are ‘Rules & Protocols’ essential? Will you need a separate Constitution?

After the presentation, you’ll be able to email us for a copy of the full presentation, with notes, plus Model ‘Rules and Protocols’ and ‘Constitution’ documents.


Disc at Work

This 20-minute presentation looks at Disc from the point of view of Users.

We show how the Disc smartphone App or Desktop keeps Users up-to-date about low-level crime and anti-social behaviour in their local area or across their organisations, enables them to access galleries of known offenders, and quickly and simply submit Incident Reports to maintain exclusion schemes. 

We also show how internal Incident Reports can be ‘escalated’ out of Disc to the police as ‘direct-to-police crime reports’.

Users can access their own reports too, as well as send Instant Messages to other Users like them. We explore how Disc’s ‘Engagement Tools’ ensure that Disc becomes an every-day part of their business procedures.

Need a one-to-one discussion or demonstration?

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