Empowering communities
to manage low-level crime and anti-social behaviour


Disc enables local crime reduction partnerships, national businesses and large venues to self-manage low-level crime and ASB – and enables police forces to deliver ‘joined up’  policing to the communities they serve.


Disc for
Watch Groups

Disc helps many hundreds of shopwatches, pubwatches and Business Crime Reduction Partnerships across the UK to protect members’ property, premises, staff and customers from low-level crime and ASB.


Disc for Business
Improvement Districts

Over 100 BIDs rely on Disc to share vital information with their levy-payers about local crime and ASB, the offenders responsible for it and essential current-awareness, as well as to manage local ‘exclusion schemes’.


Disc for

Major retailers and shopping malls use Disc to manage internal exclusion schemes and share important current-awareness with management and security staff; it includes unique features and tools for retail multiples.


Disc for

The Disc Partnership Engagement Platform enables constabularies to work more closely and more effectively with crime reduction groups throughout their area. Special features help deliver joined-up policing to close the ‘policing gap’.

DISC is a game-changer

Across the UK, over 500 town and city centres use Disc along with national retailers, shopping centres, security companies and police forces.

The success of Disc around the country has encouraged police forces to invest in their own Disc systems to provide improved joined-up community policing and to deliver more support, more efficiently, effectively and securely than ever before.

Each Disc implementation is autonomous and self-contained.  But all can link together into flexible networks to exchange information locally, regionally or nationally.

For local communities, and for businesses and police right across the country, Disc is a game-changer.

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What our clients think

Disc is easy to operate and for businesses to access. Littoralis’ quality advice and guidance keeps crime reduction partnerships and their administrators well within legal requirements and their Customer Support team is great at explaining things in non-techie ways.

author name Frances Forrest Bromley BID

We've seen a substantial uptake in businesses using our Disc system. More reporting of incidents has lead to a multi-agency approach in tackling the issues in Blackburn town centre, with buy-in from all stakeholders including the police, BID and council leading to a steady reduction in youth ASB over the last couple of years of over 30%. Businesses love the App and the instant messaging system.

author name Ronnie O'Keeffe Blackburn Business Against Crime

We've had some great results through businesses being able to positively identify criminals in Disc. The instant messaging system means you can put an alert out to every member - great for getting BID members involved and not feeling left out anymore. From a police point of view, I absolutely recommend it.

author name Dave Crawford Police Constable, Liverpool BID Company

Disc is an excellent, efficient system that allows us to monitor issues at the touch of a button. We can process and share information with our scheme members instantly which is paramount in a resource-tight industry.

author name Jackie Roberts Chesterfield Shopwatch

Love Wimbledon BID proactively uses Disc across our vibrant town centre to connect and share intelligence between businesses and the police. The weekly newsletter and ability to communicate pertinent news items through this tool is extremely useful.

author name Kevin Gallagher Love Wimbledon BID

Disc is a really powerful tool that’s intuitive for both the administrators and users alike. Our clients have seen significant increase in engagement thanks to Disc. SWBCC views Disc as a must-have for anyone serious about addressing business crime matters.

author name Andy Sharman South West Business Crime Centre for Bristol Broadmead

Carlisle Crime Reduction Partnership uses Disc daily and it's a massive asset to our partnership. Really pleased with Disc and the positive comments that I receive from members; it's a very important tool within our partnership - we'll continue to use Disc for years to come.

author name John Nugent Carlisle Crime Reduction Partnership

As a communication and reporting tool endorsed and used by Sussex Police, Disc is trusted by retailers and bars and provides a quick and easy way for members to submit reports and also analytic tools so we can monitor performance. Our members value it highly, and I would certainly recommend it to other BCRPs.

author name John Bownas Hastings Business Crime Reduction Partnership

Blackpool BID has used Disc since 2016. It's an excellent tool to control the flow of information between all members and provides excellent analytical KPI stats which are easily accessible for managerial purposes. The system is great value for money and we would recommend it to anyone considering introducing a new Shopwatch Scheme, or changing to a new provider.

author name Jan Salisbury Blackpool BID

Having Disc makes a huge difference to our relationship with the business community as well as the police. The link with National Business Crime Solution has been a big step forward in getting active buy-in from some of the major players in the retail arena. Disc is the glue that binds everything together, and meets the differing needs of all sizes and types of businesses.

author name Martin Blackwell Norwich BID

PABCIS is a long-standing Business Crime Reduction Partnership covering 26 groups in Staffordshire across retail and night time economies. We reviewed our IT requirements in 2018, chose Disc to deliver our objectives and haven't looked back since. It's user-friendly and compliments our operation by providing the facilities we need.

author name Julie Davies Partners Against Business Crime in Staffordshire

Using Disc has revolutionised how we process and share our data, saving the co-ordinators and retailers time and effort in the war against business theft and anti-social behaviour.

author name June Lynes Cherwell Crime Partnership, Cherwell and Bicester

Disc is a vital information-sharing tool for over 900 businesses across the day, evening and late-night economies of London's West End. It's at the centre of our joint partnership-working with the Metropolitan Police. We're delighted with the support we receive from the Littoralis team and their excellent customer service.

author name Georgie Henley Business Crime Reduction Manager

Disc ticked all the boxes when we were looking for a secure system to share incidents and intelligence with our members. It is easy to use and the Disc Desktop and App put this information right into the hands of our members. The customer support is second to none. I'd be happy to recommend it to BCRPs as essential to drive down business crime.

author name Ian Tumelty Cardiff Against Business Crime

Since 2010 PBCRP has won various awards - none of which would have been possible without Discs. With Disc we've been able to brag a 67% reduction in Night-time violence/crime; one retail member has halved their shrinkage in three months, another saved £80k in six. Disc makes the difference between re-active security and pro-active security.

author name Chris Caesar Portsmouth Business Crime Reduction Partnership

NBCP have been using Disc for five years, growing from a single town-based scheme into six schemes, giving total coverage across the county. Disc looks good, has inbuilt security and GDPR compliance, is easy to use and can be configured to match our members' needs. In 2019, members logged into to our Disc system nearly 48,000 times - growth which we would have struggled to achieve without Disc. I have no reservations in recommending Disc.

author name Steve Lang Northampton Business Crime Partnership

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