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Disc Against Crime

Disc is the online information-sharing system that’s helping all kinds of communities reduce low-level crime and anti-social behaviour.

What is Disc?

Disc is a powerful, yet easy, way to share current-awareness information, view galleries of offenders, submit reports of incidents and react quickly to immediate safety or security threats.

It enables communities to manage exclusion or banning schemes efficiently, effectively and legally. Schemes like these are proven to reduce low-level crime and ASB across the communities they serve.

While each Disc system is autonomous, each can link with any other, creating powerful local, regional or national information-sharing networks.

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Who is Disc for?

Disc can be configured to suit any group of individuals or organisations looking to reduce low-level crime and anti-social behaviour.

Across more than 550 UK towns and city-centres, local shopwatches, pubwatches and Business Improvement Districts use Disc. So too do security businesses as well as some of the country’s biggest shopping malls, sports venues and places of entertainment.

The success of Disc has led to police forces adopting the Disc Partnership Engagement Platform, not only to support the many Disc systems in their policing areas, but to better deliver some of their own crime reduction initiatives.

How do customers use Disc?

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What our customers are saying

Disc is an excellent, efficient system that allows us to monitor issues at the touch of a button. We can process and share information with our scheme members instantly which is paramount in a resource-tight industry.

Jackie Roberts
Chesterfield Stopwatch

“I can’t tell you how much I love Disc, and the information it provides for my Levy-payers. They honestly love it! Especially when I sell it as the ‘Rogues Gallery’! But all joking aside, it will be one of the best moves you can make as a BCRP. A big thank you for all the support from Disc since I’ve taken over the system”

Steven Pankhurst
One Maidstone BID

We’ve seen a substantial uptake in businesses using our Disc system. More reporting of incidents has lead to a multi-agency approach in tackling the issues in Blackburn town centre, with buy-in from all stakeholders including the police, BID and council leading to a steady reduction in youth ASB over the last couple of years of over 30%. Businesses love the App and the instant messaging system.

Ronnie O’Keeffe
Blackburn Business Against Crime

We’ve had some great results through businesses being able to positively identify criminals in Disc. The instant messaging system means you can put an alert out to every member – great for getting BID members involved and not feeling left out anymore. From a police point of view, I absolutely recommend it.

Dave Crawford
Police Constable, Liverpool BID Company

Want to know more?

We’d be delighted to show you Disc at work and determine how it can reduce crime and antisocial behaviour in your own community.