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Latest research into the benefits of community crime reduction projects

  • Research proves effectiveness of BIDs in driving down business crime

    New research demonstrates that Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) are highly effective in reducing low-level business crime and Anti-Social Behaviour in their areas, and that the more they do, the more substantial are the benefits to levy-payers. Indeed, by analysing only the number of crimes reported to police, the report substantially underestimates the positive impact that…


  • Research proves positive impact of local Exclusion Schemes

    Over the last four years, Dr Andrew Stafford and his team at the University of Gloucestershire have been studying the performance of Gloucester’s city-centre crime reduction scheme.  In particular, it has asked two key questions: does the scheme help reduce low-level crime and, if so, how much? The answers, based on objective and scientifically gathered…


  • Research: London’s BIDs are vital contributors to reducing low-level crime

    New research released by London BIDs Against Crime (LBAC) assesses the contribution of London’s Business Improvement Districts to crime-reduction across the capital, and identifies the challenges they face in addressing levy payers’ safety and security concerns. Here are some of the key findings of the report: BID consultation feedback gathered from business communities across the…


  • Private low-level crime reduction schemes are filling the ‘Policing Gap’, new research shows

    The UK’s first comprehensive assessment of private-sector business crime reduction schemes shows how they play an essential part in helping drive down low-level crime and anti-social behaviour. “Business Crime Reduction Schemes: An examination of operation, management and best practice” , written by Doctor Andrew Stafford, senior lecturer in Criminology at the University of Gloucestershire, gathers objective…


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