Disc Launches New Instant Messaging Feature

Disc Launches New Instant Messaging Feature

We are very excited to announce the launch of our new Instant Messenger feature, which will be released on Tuesday 2nd April 2024 with a new Disc version of 4.0.0. This will be available for Members to update from the Apple App Store for IPhone and the Google PlayStore for Android phones.

The new Instant Messenger will deliver a more streamlined experience, enabling Users to share important crime information quickly, easily and securely with each other. It will enable Disc Users to send text messages and images, as well as videos and voice messages to all other Members within their Member Category. All data is securely retained within the app, to ensure that there is no ‘bleed’.

This new feature of Disc now offers a very viable alternative to using popular Social Media apps for information-sharing and is totally free to all Disc customers. We encourage all of our Users to engage with this new Disc app feature.

Streamlined, effective, app-based crime information-sharing

The new feature will show all the ‘threads’ a User belongs to. From a thread screen, a member may:

  • See a list of (registered) Members who belong to the thread, by tapping the ‘people’ icon at the top right
  • View messages created by other Members
  • ‘Reply’ to another Member’s message, by long-tapping it and selecting Reply (replies are visible to every Member of the thread)
  • Create their own text, image, voice recording, and / or video messages (depending on the allowed upload types configured on your system)
  • Delete their own messages
  • Forward a message they have created to another thread they belong to, by long tapping the message and selecting Forward

Though a member may delete a message from the thread, and it will no longer be visible to Members, it will still be retained and accessible for a set period by Administrators.

Please note if a post is with regards to an incident, the new IM feature does not replace Incident Reporting and submitting a Disc Incident. Where appropriate, submitting an incident as a Direct Crime to Police, is still essential.

For more information or a demo please get in touch!