Disc for
Watch Groups

Disc is by far the most widely used system of its kind, currently supporting over 500 Watch Groups – shopwatches, pubwatches and Business Crime Reduction Schemes and Partnerships – throughout the UK.

Watch Groups use Disc to protect their members’ property, premises, staff, customers – and profits. Using Disc they share current awareness with their members about immediate threats, and the identities of local trouble-makers. Many use Disc the manage ‘Exclusion Schemes’ – proven to reduce shoplifting and other low-level business crime.

Watch Groups don’t only generate benefits for their members. They also contribute to the wider community by helping identify opportunities for early-stage intervention and by working with police to pursue serious or prolific offenders through the courts.

Disc is configurable, to reflect the way each Watch Group prefers to work. It’s powerful, yet easy to use and manage. And it helps ensure, not only that members comply with their own Watch Group’s rules, but also that the group itself complies with all-important data protection obligations.

The more members participate in their Watch Group, the more effective the Group is in delivering benefits to them. Disc maximises that participation thanks to powerful  ‘engagement tools’ that bring members back to Disc time and time again, establishing it as an important part of each member’s working procedures.

Every Disc implementation is entirely autonomous, configured and controlled by each Watch Group.  But the Disc system enables each to link with any others – with mutual consent – to share their information quickly and efficiently between neighbourhoods, across counties and police force areas, regionally and nationally.

For Watch Group Members…

Members receive information about local low-level crime and ASB, view local troublemakers and submit reports quickly and conveniently.

Communications Platform

Accessible:  through Disc App and Disc Desktop
Reliable: always available; 99.99% availability
Intuitive: easy-to-use; no training required
Express Login: fast yet secure access through Disc App

Current Awareness

Receive Alerts, news, documents, up-coming events and ID-Soughts
Instant Messaging and emailed Alerts for urgent/important messages
Automated eNewsletter sent every week; tap/click-through to full details in Disc

Offender Galleries

Find offenders easily and quickly
Offender Captions to indicate violence, use of needles etc
One-tap/click on offender to view details and submit reports


One-tap/click on Offender to submit incident or intel report
Report forms optimised for quick completion
Multiple images including CCTV footage
Add new offenders quickly
Direct-to-Police crime reporting with optional Witness Statements
Report ‘public realm’ issues direct to third parties
Private access to own incident reports

Account and security settings

Review and revise contact details at any time
Reset password and/or Express Login at any time
Optional Two-Step Authentication for added security

For Watch Group Administrators….

Each Administrator configures, manages and ensures compliance of their Disc system through their ‘Admin Centre’

Configuration and set-up

Consultancy on GDPR compliance and ‘Best Practice’
Full set of ‘Model’ GDPR-related obligatory documentation
Full training support; self-paced manuals; on-demand Zoom sessions with Customer Support Team
Easily configure wide range of features to suit local requirements
Short, simple online confirmation of Terms & Conditions and Data Processor Agreement

Content management

Alerts, News, Document library, up-coming events, ID-Soughts
Instant Messaging to all, or groups of, members
Automatically create and send eNewsletter to all members each week
Display advertisements in Disc Desktop and eNewsletter; monitor click-throughs

Offender management

Manage multiple offender galleries and ‘Exclusion Schemes’
Automated management of Gallery expiries and irrevocable data deletion
Link associated offenders
Multiple, selectable images for each offender
‘Merge Offender’ tool to minimise offender duplication
Manage offenders by name, offence, build, ethnicity, reporters etc
One-click view/export of offenders’ Incident Reports to CSV/PDF
One-click export of multiple offenders to CSV

Incident management

Incidents to Process tools for speedy processing of submitted Reports
Sort, search and filter incidents by offender, offence type, area etc
One-click view/export of individual Incidents to PDF
One-click view/export multiple Incidents to CSV/PDF
Sort, search and filter Public Realm reports by type, area, status; one-click view/export to CSV

Member management

One-click to add members
Auto-email of configurable ‘welcome email’; click-through to ‘self-certification’ process
Configurable ‘self-certification’ process, with ‘Must-Read’ documents for new members
Sort, search and filter members by name, email address, user-category etc
Automated configurable email alert to inactive members after 30/90 days
‘Coordinator Groups’ enable members to manage own membership sub-group
Optional online Members Directory

Authors and joint administrators

One-click creation/management of Authors
One-click creation/management of Joint Administrators


Current month, 12-months to date and past 5 years analysis
Analysis of Incidents, Members, Offenders, Reporters, Public Realm types, advertising
Key Performance Indicators: selected analytics, exportable to PDF

Data Security

Information Security Management Systems certified to ISO27001:2013 standard
Complies with government’s NCSC’s Cloud Security Principles
Annual Penetration Testing by certified third-party consultancy
Monthly scans to PCI-DSS certification level
Complies with government’s Cyber Essentials security standards

Data Protection

Delivers online ‘offenders’ privacy information
Deliver online ‘members’ privacy information within Self-Certification process
‘Model’ documents available to comply with GDPR obligations
Compliant Instant Messaging system
Compliant with GDPR principle of ‘Data Protection by design and default
Tools help identify possible abuse of login credentials by members
Login data indicates possible abuse of members’ credentials


Optional, configurable on a peer-to-peer basis
Cross-Disc publishing of current-awareness information
Cross-Disc offender-matching to identify travelling, prolific offenders
Cross-Disc viewing of offender data across multiple Disc implementations
Cross-Disc sharing of Incident Reports between Disc for Retailers and Disc for Watch Groups
Cross-Disc viewing of Crime Reports in Disc for Police

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