Disc Segregated Content (Disc SC)

Introducing Disc ‘SC’: managing unlimited schemes from one Disc system

‘Disc SC’ (for ‘segregated content’) can support any number of different schemes, each with its own separate membership. Disc SC ensures relevance for Members, maximises participation and supports compliance with Data Protection law. It’s a powerful communications platform for all levy-payers across a BID and offers new revenue opportunities for independent business crime-reduction schemes…

With Disc systems supporting over 500 different crime reduction schemes across the country, many customers use a single Disc system to manage more than one scheme – such as a shopwatch and a pubwatch. That means all their Members can see the personal data of all offenders on their systems. Not a problem as long as each Data Controller can justify it.

Where a customer needs to ‘segregate content’ so that only Members of a specific kind can access data of Offenders of a specific kind, a simple and cost-effective solution has been to implement a second, separate Disc system. And, because two or more Disc systems can be managed through the same Disc Admin Centre, it’s almost as easy to run multiple systems like this as it is to run one.

Now content and members can be segregated within a single ‘Disc SC’ system, and with Disc SC there’s no limit to the number of segregated schemes that a single ‘Disc SC’ system can support. So, for example, a single Disc SC system can support not only a shopwatch and separate pubwatch, but schemes devised for other groups of Members: a Hotelwatch scheme for private accommodation providers, a Betwatch scheme for betting shops, a Travelwatch scheme for bus companies, taxis, local train and filling stations and so on. Disc SC also enables the same partnership to runs schemes in different geographical areas.

Content segregation helps ensure compliance with GDPR and police information-sharing agreements. It also enables partnerships to deliver different current awareness (news, alerts, document, ID-Sought and information on upcoming events) to different types of Members so they receive only information that is relevant – and useful – to them, helping to achieve even higher levels of engagement by Members.

For Business Improvement Districts, Disc SC can become the BID’s prime communications platform to all its levy payers. Much of the information relevant to retailers and licensees is useful to everyone, of course. But add information about the wide range of a BID’s activities and services and Disc a powerful way not only of keeping all levy-payers up-to-date but also of promoting the benefits that the BID brings to them.

Disc SC isn’t for everyone. For example, customers currently operating a single Disc system supporting just one scheme won’t gain any additional functionality from segregated content. Neither will many Disc customers currently managing two separate schemes on separate Disc systems – and the discounted cost of two Disc Licenses is slightly less than that of a single Disc SC.

However, for customers who have, or wish to have, three or more separate schemes, or wish to use Disc as a communication platform to new audiences, Disc SC is the perfect solution.

For customers who will benefit from implementing segregated content on their existing Disc system, we can enable the function within just a few hours. Where data from two separate Disc systems is merged into one Disc SC system, a small fee may apply to cover migrating data. And, of course, Disc SC is available to new customers too.

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