Video Webinar:
What is a Business Crime Reduction Scheme?

Welcome to this 20-minute webinar, “What is a Business Crime Reduction Scheme?”. This video webinar explains what business crime reduction schemes are, what they do, and how they do it; and provides pointers on how to set one up. At the end of this presentation, you can complete the form below to request a copy of our …

  • Disc Guide to Business Crime Reduction Schemes – more detail on everything in this webinar;
  • Model Documents – ‘Constitution’ and ‘Rules & Protocols’ documents.

This is one of a series of three video webinars.  You might find the other two – ‘Business Crime Reduction Schemes and Data Protection Law’ and ‘What is an Exclusion Scheme’ – useful too.

For the best experience please watch the video in full screen.


Request Model Documents and Disc Guide to Business Crime Reduction Schemes


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