In early 2015, businesses and property owners voted to establish a Business Improvement District (BID) for the City of Hereford, with the principle aim of delivering investment and improvement to the commercial area.  Hereford BID signed up to Disc, the online crime reporting system and digital app, and with many local businesses continuing to sign up, the organisation says the area has never felt safer.

Disc is enabling retailers to be more vigilant in looking for criminal behaviour and the number of users is rapidly increasing. With an increase of 31% since January 2019,  more local businesses are actively helping to identify and report individuals involved in low level crimes such anti-social behaviour and the usage of fake currency.  With fake notes being commonly used by criminals to pay for small value items to gain genuine currency in change or to buy large value items which get sold on, it is a problem that many businesses face and one which can have a big impact on the profitability of many high street stores.

Now that businesses have access to the intelligence that the Disc crime reporting system provides and with Hereford BID working closely with the police, there is a real team effort in tacking such crimes, resulting in retailers not only being more aware but also more prepared.

If you would like a demonstration of Disc and to understand it’s benefits to local business communities and partnerships, get in touch today or book on to our of our upcoming webinars.