Disc’s new API: enabling truly joined-up local crime reduction

Disc’s new API: enabling truly joined-up local crime reduction

We’re delighted to announce our new Disc ‘Application Programming Interface’ (API). For major retailing and hospitality sector businesses that want to reduce the impact of low-level crime and anti-social behaviour on their businesses premises, it’s a game-changer…

The API means that incidents submitted into any third-party reporting system can be instantly copied into a local Disc implementation. So retail or hospitality multiples for example, with their own internal systems for reporting incidents, can copy them direct into local business crime reduction schemes.

That means that individual premises can participate in, and contribute to, local banning schemes which have been proven to be highly effective at reducing low-level crime.

Recent years have seen more and more major retailers adopt their own internal incident-reporting systems, and some have become less willing to report these incidents all over again into local business crime reduction schemes; understandably they find it hard to justify the time and expense of entering details twice.

The Disc API is a technical specification that allows any reporting system to copy reports seamlessly and automatically into any designated Disc system. There is no charge for use of the API and it is available to any third-party reporting system.

Says Disc’s Charlie Newman: “Some big multiples have built their own internal reporting systems; many of the larger guarding companies have their own, which they offer to their customers. And the National Business Crime Solution, whose membership is made up of many of the largest retailers in the country, has its own reporting system, iNTEL ONE for use by its members.

“We’re already working with NBCS to enable its members to report into iNTEL ONE, and seamlessly copy those reports instantly into any local business crime scheme that uses Disc. This means NBCS’s members and local crime reduction schemes both benefit, and mutually support reach other.”

Says NBCS’s Peter Fisher: “Interactivity between the NBCS’s iNTEL ONE and Disc is a no-brainer and will enable efficient, compliant and cost-effective data-sharing for the benefit of all.”

To receive a copy of the Disc API documentation email us at support@littoralis.com