Introducing Disc SC: manage any number of schemes from just one Disc implementation

Introducing Disc SC:  manage any number of schemes from just one Disc implementation

We’re delighted to announce the launch of Disc SC – available as an optional upgrade for new and existing customers.

‘SC’ stands for segregated content: Disc SC enables a Disc Administrator to restrict access to specific types of content to designated Users within a single Disc system.  So, while maintaining just one database of Users and content, a single Disc system can support multiple ‘schemes’, each sharing information with different audiences.


So how can Disc SC be used?

A Disc system that supports just one scheme – a Shopwatch scheme for retailers for example – can now deploy and support a different scheme for the ‘nighttime economy’.  Or the Administrator can develop schemes specifically for hotels, B&Bs and guesthouses, betting shops, or transport providers. With Disc SC that’s not just possible – it’s easy.

Another example: a local crime reduction partnership wants to launch a new partnership in a different area.  That’s easy too, indeed a single Disc SC system can support any number of shopwatches and/or pubwatches, ‘rural watches’, even neighbourhood watches, right across a county or police force area.

Around the UK, over 100 Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) already know about Disc’s effective communications platform combining an easy-to-use content management system with a set of powerful publishing tools including the Disc Desktop and App, its built-in 100% automated weekly eNewsletter system and compliant Instant Messenger.  Together these deliver high levels of participation by levy-payers.  Now, with Disc SC, the same powerful system can be used to deliver news, alerts, access to documents and information about up-coming events to all levy-payers – not just those with a ‘legitimate interest’ in accessing personal data of offenders.


If you currently use a single Disc system

If your Disc system answers your current needs, stick with it. Disc SC is only appropriate for customers who want to expand Disc into new audiences or areas, and offers no additional functionality.

However, if you can see benefits in developing one or more new schemes, contact us.  We can upgrade your existing system to Disc SC within two working days, after which you’ll have access to full ‘How to…’ documentation so you can quickly deploy your new schemes. Your existing Users will notice no changes to their service.


If you currently have two or more Disc systems

Many Disc customers run two Disc systems, each supporting different schemes.  If you have no plans to develop new schemes, we advise continuing that way.

However, if you want to use Disc to establish one or more further schemes, or if you’re already running three or more Disc systems, then transitioning to Disc SC will save you money – as well as enable you to deploy and support any number of further schemes at any time. We’ll implement Disc SC on one of your existing Disc systems and then migrate data from your other Disc system(s) into it.  We’ll work with you to ensure a totally smooth transition. (If you wish to combine multiple Disc systems into your new Disc SC system we may need to make a modest charge for data migration).


If you’d like to know more about Disc SC contact us now to arrange a consultation.