National Business Crime Solution chooses Disc to help members fight retail crime

National Business Crime Solution chooses Disc to help members fight retail crime

Disc is proud to have been selected as the online current awareness platform for the National Business Crime Solution (NBCS) and to play a key part in its services, not only to its members, but also to BIDs and other crime reduction schemes around the country.

NBCS enables the effective sharing of appropriate data between major retailers, the police and crime reduction schemes, and proactively targets criminality to reduce crime and risks to all. The not-for-profit organisation is funded by most of the major retailers in the UK.

Disc is delivering NBCS alerts to its members about travelling shoplifting ‘teams’, suspicious vehicles, ram-raiders, fraudsters and more. It helps NBCS send this valuable information to its members fast – the quicker it’s communicated the sooner they can protect themselves and their staff. It also provides NBCS with a simple, accessible yet powerful way to share its in-depth analysis, which helps not only protect against the impact of crime, but also assists in identifying offenders and bringing them to justice.

The information that NBCS provides to its members often contains personal data relating to known and unknown offenders. With its robust security provision and alignment with the key GDPR concept of ‘data protection by design and by default’, Disc is uniquely suited to the job. The system is already used by local retail crime reduction schemes in more than 450 towns and city-centres across the UK. For those BIDs who are themselves using Disc, alerts from NBCS can be automatically sent straight into their Disc Admin Centres so that sharing them with their members is a matter of a single mouse-click.

Charlie Newman, Chief Executive of Littoralis (the company behind Disc) explains “We have always been super-keen advocates of the NBCS. It’s always been obvious that a national information sharing system that links up retailers and police efficiently, means that both of them will become more effective in reducing business crime. It’s also obvious that local business crime partnerships have a great deal to gain from – and give to – such a scheme, and we’re proud to be helping build a closer, mutually supportive relationship between them.

“Looking ahead, we have a vision of the future which I believe aligns with NBCS’s. We’re delighted that they have put Disc at the heart of their business – but there is so much more that can be achieved and we’re looking forward to working with them on more exciting projects going forward!”