New Disc customers and ‘SC’ upgrades in September

New Disc customers and ‘SC’ upgrades in September

We’re delighted to announce a wide range of new Disc customers this month, as well as more upgrades to our new ‘Disc SC’ system.

New customers include a brand-new independent business crime reduction scheme in Humberside, a fast-growing security services provider, a new county-wide crime reduction scheme for Sussex and a new Disc SC system to cover two BIDs in Derby city. Existing customers who have decided to upgrade their existing Disc implementations to Disc SC this month include Northamptonshire Business Crime Partnership, Derbyshire Business Crime Reduction Partnership and Southampton and Norwich BIDs.

Grimsby Retailers In Partnership – GRIP – is a brand new independent business crime reduction scheme set up with active support of Humberside Police, working closely with Freshney Place Shopping Centre.  GRIP has chosen Disc as its secure crime information sharing system.  It joins Hull BID as the second Disc system in the Humberside Police area.

Amberstone Security is one of the country’s fastest-growing security providers – and has selected Disc to share crime and offender information between its own staff as well as with its customers including some of the largest retailers in the UK.  Disc is already used for current awareness management by the National Business Crime Solution so Amberstone will not only be able to share data about relevant offenders with its customers but also seamlessly pass to them any relevant alerts and news items from NBCS.

The new county-wide Sussex Partnerships Against Crime group (SuPAC) which has been set up to extend access to business crime reduction schemes across those areas of the county not already supported by town- and city-centre schemes, has adopted Disc ‘SC’.  The system will enable SuPAC to create multiple self-contained local ‘shopwatch’-type schemes in smaller towns and across rural areas in the county.  SuPAC becomes the 13th Disc system in Sussex, all of which can ‘cross-Disc’ publish news and alerts and also set up reciprocal links to help identify locally travelling Offenders.

The East Midlands Chamber of Commerce has used Disc to run its Chesterfield Shopwatch scheme since 2013. Two years ago the Chamber, Derbyshire police and local authorities combined to expand the scheme beyond Chesterfield to cover the entire county. This month East Midlands Chamber confirmed they will be upgrading their Chesterfield Disc system to Disc SC to support multiple schemes across the county. Derbyshire BCRP will also implement a new Disc system specifically to cover the Cathedral Quarter BID and the St Peters Quarter BID, both in Derby city-centre.

The new Disc ‘SC’ function (for ‘segregated content’) continues to win converts with more existing customers adopting the system – you can read about Disc SC here. Latest include Northamptonshire Business Crime Partnership (combining two separate Disc systems and implementing fully segregated schemes across the county); Southampton BID (using Disc SC to support not only its existing retail scheme but a new night-time scheme); and Norwich BID (combining its two existing separate Disc systems into their new single Disc SC implementation).

Find out more about how Disc is being used by other organisations here.