Regular, compelling communication vital for successful schemes

Regular, compelling communication vital for successful schemes

Business crime reduction schemes want Disc to become a regular part of their Members’ work routines.  Using Disc to share compelling content with them is a powerful way they can ensure Members keep coming back to Disc again and again…

As a Disc Administrator, it’s vital that you regularly engage with your Members with a steady supply of ‘current awareness’ – news, alerts, information about up-coming events and newly-posted documents –  that’s relevant to them. The more content of this kind you can post to your Disc system, the more they’ll engage with your systems – and they more they’re reminded that Disc helps keep their businesses safe and secure.

Alerts should keep Members aware of urgent or important events: an Offender who’s just been let out of prison, or a warning about a new method of shoplifting.  If your Alerts contain information that Members need to be aware of, they’ll come to rely on Disc for up-to-date information, and they’ll access your Disc system more.

Sharing relevant News items, on your Disc system and through your Disc automated weekly eNewsletter, works the same way: helping bring your Members back to Disc time and time again.  And News about your scheme’s achievements will also encourage them to keep reporting incidents through Disc.

The Disc automated eNewsletter is a powerful ‘engagement tool’ built into Disc, pro-actively pushing current awareness to your Members so they are drawn back into Disc to read more.

Another engagement tool is Disc’s Instant Messaging system which can be used to pro-actively send Push Notifications direct to your Members’ smartphones.  The system can also be configured to enable Members to send instant messages directly to one another. And ‘Member Categories’ can be set up so that Instant Messages can be targeted at specific geographical or business areas within your scheme, ensuring the information shared is always relevant to specific types of Members.

Encouraging Members to click-through to their Disc system – either from the weekly eNewsletter or via an Instant Message – will really maximise engagement, bringing Members back to Disc time and time again, and making it a regular part of their business activity.