Switching to Disc from another provider? Simple!

Switching to Disc from another provider?  Simple!

Disc is by far the most widely used system of its kind, supporting over 240 organisations managing business crime reduction schemes in over 550 towns and city-centres across the UK.

With years of experience helping customers move to Disc from other providers, we’ve developed a set of tools to migrate data quickly, simply – and without manual processing – into your new Disc system.

Our implementation process comprises six simple steps:

  1. Confirming your Disc implementation: a simple email confirmation will suffice;
  2. Providing your administrator with access to their new Disc system;
  3. For customers new to business crime reduction, advising on setting up a new partnership or scheme, and on compliance with DPA/GDPR;
  4. Setting up your Disc system to precisely suit the way you want your scheme to work;
  5. Advice on adding content – news, alerts, documents and up-coming events, as well as offender data;
  6. Advice on going live: adding members and finally switching on your automated weekly Disc eNewsletter.

If you’re coming to Disc from another provider, Step 5 may include migrating data from your old system to your new Disc system.  Happily our technical tools make this a painless process without the need for manually transferring incident or offender data.

Once everything is ready to migrate, we obtain the data from your previous provider and carry out a quality check to make sure it’s in the right format and that it has been downloaded properly. It’s also a great opportunity to ensure that the data we transfer is up-to-date and holding it still complies with GDPR. So before we migrate your data, we advise you review it to ensure it’s still current and correct, and still held in compliance with GDPR.

Then, we just press a button and, as if by magic, your data uploads into your Disc system. It’s really as simple as that – we take care of everything!

Of course, our support doesn’t stop once you’ve gone live. Our ongoing customer service includes telephone and email support during working hours, pro-active quarterly reviews to ensure you make the most of your Disc system, top-up training sessions for your Disc administrator and, of course, continuous product development and enhancements.

We also hold regional Usergroup meetings across the country to report to you on product developments delivered in the previous 12 months and enhancements due in the next 12 months, and the ‘Open Forum’ section provides an opportunity for you to raise issues of concern, and to make your own suggestions for future Disc enhancements.