West Mercia Police, with the support from their Police & Crime Commissioner John Campion, have invested in two Disc systems for the Telford area.

Disc is a unique crime information-sharing system that’s helping drive down low-level crime and antisocial behaviour (ASB) in more than 450 towns and cities across the UK. It empowers communities to ‘self-manage’ low-level crime and ASB, and enables police to work with them to deliver a new kind of effective, joined-up community policing. Each Disc implementation can link together into flexible networks to exchange crime and offender information locally, regionally or nationally.

With one system already in place supporting two pubwatches in the area of Telford and Newport, and the other supporting shopwatches due to come online shortly, CCTV and Watch Co-Ordinator Alexander Footman has successfully implemented the services within two weeks from placing an order to go live.

Charlie Newman, Chief Executive of Littoralis says, “This is a great and effective way to deploy Disc across smaller towns. Using a single implementation to support multiple local crime reduction schemes not only brings professional levels of management but also ensures that all-important data protection obligations are complied with.”

He continues, “This latest roll-out of the Disc system means that there are now no less than seven Disc systems at work across the West Mercia policing area, which is the largest rural force in England & Wales: two in Hereford, two in Shrewsbury and another in Worcester, which is a great achievement…congratulations to everyone involved!”