New Resource Packs to help new schemes

New Resource Packs to help new schemes

More and more businesses are working together to ‘fill the policing gap’. Now we’ve developed three brand new Resource Packs to help them take the first critical steps. Whether you’re looking to set up a Business Crime Reduction Scheme (BCRS), implement an Exclusion Scheme, or want to understand how such schemes must comply with data protection law, make use of these free resources.

“We’ve had two free-to-view video webinars on our website since before the advent of GDPR in May 2018” says Disc’s Charlie Newman. “We started with our guide to data protection, and then added our webinar on how to set up a BCRS. Since then more than 400 individuals have viewed the videos. A number of attendees went on to set up new BCRSs, which is great of course.

“Last year we decided to revise the webinars, and develop a set of additional supporting materials for each of them which we’re calling ‘Resource Packs’. Now viewers of each webinar can request a PDF Guide which covers the same subject but goes into more detail, and includes links to useful third party resources as well as to ‘model documents’ – invaluable as the basis for producing necessary documentation.

“And we decided to launch a new Resource Pack, complete with webinar, supporting Guide and Model Documents, on how to set up and manage an Exclusion Scheme.

“We believe these Resource Packs – which are free for all-comers – can help fill a growing demand for more information on setting up Shopwatches, Pubwatches and Business Crime Reduction Partnerships” says Newman.

You can view the webinars free of charge, following which you can request your own copy of the relevant Guide and copyright-free Model Documents, on the Disc website:

  • click here to view What is a Business Crime Reduction Scheme? How do they work?  How do you set one up?;
  • click here to view What is an Exclusion Scheme? How do you set one up?  How do you manage them?
  • click here to view Business Crime Reduction Schemes and Data Protection Law; the legal basis; GDPR; key documentation explained