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Opinions and advice about reducing low-level crime and ASB

  • Disc admin centre

    Incident reporting for retailers: why it’s important – and easy

    Disc is helping drive down low-level crime and antisocial behaviour right across the UK. Thousands of retailers participate in local Disc systems in more than 550 towns and city-centres across the UK, sharing awareness about local crime, safety and security issues and information about local offenders and exclusion schemes. Research tells us that small, independent…


  • Disc Xmas

    ‘Tis the season…to review your GDPR compliance documentation

    ‘Tis the season to be jolly – and a really good time to review your scheme documentation! Business Crime Reduction Schemes must be GDPR compliant. Part of that is having the correct documentation within Disc, but it’s also vital that you review them periodically – and keep a record of any changes and the date…


  • Switching to Disc from another provider? Simple!

    Disc is by far the most widely used system of its kind, supporting over 240 organisations managing business crime reduction schemes in over 550 towns and city-centres across the UK. With years of experience helping customers move to Disc from other providers, we’ve developed a set of tools to migrate data quickly, simply – and…


  • Let’s work together to set up your own Business Crime Reduction Scheme

    If you’re thinking about running a Business Crime Reduction Scheme, you may be wondering how easy it is to set up and manage? Establishing a Business Crime Reduction Scheme is a smart and cost-effective way for your BID to directly address the impact that crime and anti-social behaviour is having on your levy payers. Evidence…


  • Rural policing and Disc

    Disc systems are established in more than 500 towns and city-centres throughout the country. Now police forces are adopting Disc to support their rural crime reduction efforts. Disc dominates in urban crime reduction schemes throughout the country, mainly addressing low-level crime in the retail and hospitality sectors, and public-realm ASB, many of which using Disc…


  • Segregation solutions: Bolt-on Disc and Disc SC

    As we discussed in our blog  To segregate or not to segregate you might want to segregate the information you share with your Members – not only to comply with Data Protection law but also to make your content more relevant and engaging for your Members. Here we focus on the Disc solutions which help…


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