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Opinions and advice about reducing low-level crime and ASB

  • Segregation solutions: Bolt-on Disc and Disc SC

    As we discussed in our blog  To segregate or not to segregate you might want to segregate the information you share with your Members – not only to comply with Data Protection law but also to make your content more relevant and engaging for your Members. Here we focus on the Disc solutions which help…


  • To segregate, or not to segregate?

    Under the law, Data Controllers are responsible for every aspect of the personal data under their management.  That includes who they share it with, so it’s essential that business crime reduction schemes understand ‘segregation’ of personal data.  What is ‘Segregated Content’ and how can Disc help? As we explain in our Factsheet on Data Protection…


  • Regular, compelling communication vital for successful schemes

    Business crime reduction schemes want Disc to become a regular part of their Members’ work routines.  Using Disc to share compelling content with them is a powerful way they can ensure Members keep coming back to Disc again and again… As a Disc Administrator, it’s vital that you regularly engage with your Members with a…


  • Maximising membership engagement with your Disc system

    Every three months we look at your Disc implementation to see how it’s performing and, where necessary, we contact you with tips on how to improve its performance. We look at two things: your ‘membership engagement’ level and your GDRP compliance and Best Practice documentation. In this article we’ll look at the first of these;…


  • Harnessing the power of county-wide Disc Networks to drive down crime

    In over 500 town- and city-centre crime reduction schemes across the country Disc enables tens of thousands of local businesses to share information about low-level crime, ASB and prolific offenders. But Disc systems can network together to share information across a county or metropolitan area mapped onto police force areas. Already county-wide Disc Networks represent…


  • Self-managing anti-social behaviour to make a difference

    For almost a year now, high street businesses have faced unprecedented challenges.  Covid has closed tens of thousands of retail premises resulting in a temporary decline in shoplifting, while the virtual closure of the night-time economy has reduced the level of associated anti-social behaviour (ASB).  Yet overall, data show that lockdowns, job losses, business closures…


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There’s so much more to Disc than we can cover here. We’d be delighted to show you the system at work and demonstrate its capabilities, either remotely or in person.