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Opinions and advice about reducing low-level crime and ASB

  • How should Watch Groups deal with young offenders?

    Watch Groups like shopwatch schemes or banning schemes, for example, will of course inevitably come into contact with young people and in most cases there is no issue – as long as they comply with the law! Common law… Common law entitles any owner or manager of private premises open to the public to ‘withdraw…


  • Bring smaller pubwatches under single Disc ‘Umbrella’ for Data Protection compliance

    Pubwatch schemes – even the smallest – must comply with data protection law, including the GDPR that came into effect in May 2018. The law gives data subjects such as offenders more rights and the ICO more powers to investigate and impose hugely increased fines.  It also drives a strong incentive for no-win no-fee solicitors to…


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