Disc for
Business Improvement Districts

Across the UK, Disc for BIDs enables Business Improvement Districts to reduce the impact of, low-level crime and anti-social behaviour on their levy-payers’ businesses.

Over 100 of them now use Disc to share vital information about low-level crime, offenders and important alerts with their levy-payers – and most use it to manage ‘Exclusion Schemes’ on their behalf.

With Disc for BIDs, Business Improvement Districts benefit from all the functions of Disc for Watch Groups, as well as other powerful Disc functions.

The Disc automated eNewsletter is a uniquely effective and economical way to keep levy-payers regularly and fully informed about BID-sponsored events, emphasizing the benefits that BID brings to its levy-payers: attracting more visitors, driving footfall and helping them build their businesses. And with Disc levy-payer will always know about upcoming events and projects, and can easily view minutes and agendas, and propose amendments.

An additional feature of Disc for BIDs is its powerful ‘Public Realm’ reporting system. BIDs can configure the system to handle the public realm issues that concern their levy-payers most, whether street drinking, rough sleeping, graffiti, damage to street furniture, fly-tipping – indeed, any priority public realm issue.

Once configured (which is easy and quick to do), Disc for BIDs enables levy-payers to submit reports through Disc to their Disc administrator – and automatically and simultaneously to whichever contractor, third-party or member of in-house staff is responsible for resolving the issue.

Levy-payers benefit from faster response times, while Disc administrators benefit from not having to pass reports on to the relevant third-parties themselves. Tools enable administrators to monitor and chase progress to ensure prompt resolution of reported issues by the responsible third-party. The Disc administrator can also generate management, performance and statistical reports for feedback to the BID board and levy-payers themselves.

For Business Improvement Districts

Everything in Disc for Watch Groups, plus features specially developed for BIDs

Public Realm Reporting

Configure report types to match local priorities
Enable levy-payers to report public realm issues direct to third-party contractors
Enhance service to levy-payers; reduce BID staff workload
Associate reports with specific areas within the BID
Include images in Public Realm reports
Send reports directly and instantly to third-party contractors
Monitor issues from ‘Reported’ through ‘Pending’ to ‘Resolved’
Filter reports by type, location and contractor
Automatically access and output useful management reports

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