for Police

Disc systems – whether for Watch Groups, BIDs, retail multiples, shopping malls or commercial security providers – process data on hundreds of thousands of offenders and incidents each year.

The benefits to the police from working with Disc are game-changing.

Disc for Police enables them to do so, delivering immediate internal performance and productivity enhancements as well as important benefits for the communities they serve.

For Police Crime Commissioners, Disc represents a unique opportunity to build effective neighbourhood and community policing by embracing new technology to close the ‘policing gap’.

Every Disc system is independently administrated, configured and controlled. However, each can link with any number of others to share current-awareness information and to access each other’s databases to identify travelling or prolific offenders.

Disc for Police enables constabularies to link into these networks across their force area, achieving compelling benefits: accessing previously unavailable low-level offender data and intelligence; monitoring all crime reports from each local Disc system; one-click sharing of police news and alerts through each local Disc implementation to their thousands of individual users; secure MOPI-compliant information-sharing with local Disc systems; online, paperless and automated management of Information Sharing Agreements, and more….

For Police forces

Create a force-wide network of Disc systems, efficiently and effectively delivering a new kind of joined-up community policing

Sharing Current Awareness

Publish current awareness information direct to local Disc systems and thousands of users and members
Send Instant Alerts instantly across the force area or to specific local Disc systems
Publicise Police events; make useful documents available 24/7; share ID-Soughts
Support all local schemes – not just Disc-enables groups

Gather and manage low-Level Intel and offender data

Access powerful cross-Disc data-sharing tools
View and manage offender details from multiple Disc systems in a single dataview
One-click creation of Evidence Packs for prosecutions, applications for CBOs etc
Identify prolific and travelling ‘Level Two’ offenders
View and monitor all Crime Reports submitted by multiple Disc systems in a single dataview

Sharing information under MOPI

Share data securely and efficiently within Disc ‘secure environment’; no ‘removable media’; no CJSM email
Manage data deletion dates of shared personal data to ensure MOPI compliance
One-click secure transfer of personal data to local Disc systems

Managing Information Sharing Agreements

Paperless online management of Information Sharing Agreements
Local Disc administrators confirm ISA compliance by electronic signature
Automated ‘forced’ periodic re-confirmation of ISAs by local Disc administrators
Manual ad hoc ‘forced’ re-confirmation of ISAs as and when required

Managing workload

Share workload with multiple Authors to add content into Disc for Police
Joint Administrators assist with core administration and cover for leave or sickness etc
Coordinators can manage sub-sets of members; keep up-to-date with staff starters, leavers and movers

Support for non-Disc schemes

Enhanced communication between, and engagement with, smaller schemes
Information Sharing Agreement management
Encourage non-Disc schemes to adopt Best Practice, GDPR compliance etc
Enhanced engagement with smaller shopwatches, pubwatches and rural schemes
Implement and manage Disc for Watch Groups to support multiple smaller schemes

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