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Disc for Retailers does for retailers, shopping malls and security service providers what it does for local Watch Groups and BIDs – and much more besides.

Across the country, thousands of retailers of all sizes participate in local implementations of Disc for Watch Groups. Through them, they already share current awareness about local crime, safety and security issues, information about local offenders and, in most cases, participate in local exclusion schemes.

Now major retailers, some of the largest shopping malls in the country and security companies use Disc for Retailers to manage their own internal exclusion schemes and to take advantage of additional Disc functions and features designed specifically for retailers with multiple branches and locations, malls with multiple tenants, and security providers with multiple retail and commercial customers.

For retail multiples, shopping malls and security service providers

All the functions of Disc for Watch Groups and Disc for BIDs, plus much more…

Content segregation

Circulate content only to those staff and customers to whom it is relevant
Configure premises, areas and regions to match your own structure
Restrict Instant Messaging to defined areas and regions
Set up Offender galleries by premises, areas, regions and enterprise-wide
Ensure proportionate data-sharing; ensure compliance with Data Protection law.

Report adoption and escalation

‘Retail Members’ quickly submit reports for processing by specialist ‘Security Members’
Trained Security Members finalise reports with full details, CCTV information etc
Quickly escalate incident reports into direct-to-police crime reports
Ensure crime reports are police-ready before final submission

Enhanced Public Realm reporting

Effective processing and management of Facilities Management reports
Configure unlimited report ‘types’ to match specific retail requirements
Instantly send reports direct to relevant contractor/in house department for action
Search, filter and sort reports by status, area, and type
Simple but powerful reporting tools – one-click export to CSV format
Analytics in graphic and tabular formats – 5-years and 12-months to date

Enhanced Analytics

Analysis to identify and compare under- and over-performing premises, areas and regions
Benchmark analysis to quickly identify variances with enterprise average
Enable speedier re-allocation of security resources
Configure Product Types to match retailers’ lines of business
Analytics in graphic and tabular formats – 5-years and 12-months to date

Coordinator functions

Designate Disc users as premises, area or regional ‘Coordinators’ to manage own sub-groups of staff
Simple tools to manage individual staff members in sub-group

Keyholder Directory

In-App directory for urgent access out-of-hours
Keyholder details up-dated by individual staff members
Periodically ‘force’ Keyholders to review and up-date details
Optionally accessible by all staff or by Security Members only

Cross-Disc reporting

One-click copy of Incident Reports to local Disc systems where appropriate
One-click sharing of National Business Crime Solution current awareness with staff
Share offender data and crime reports with Disc for Police

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