The Disc System

Disc – the online information-sharing system for crime reduction

Disc is the unique online information-sharing system that’s helping drive down low-level crime and antisocial behaviour across the UK.

It empowers communities, via the Disc App and Disc Desktop, to ‘self-manage’ low-level crime and ASB, and enables police to work with them to deliver a new kind of effective, joined-up community policing.

Across the UK, over 500 towns and city centres use Disc, as well as national retailers, many of the largest shopping centres in the country, security companies and police forces.

Empowering local communities, business groups, companies – and police

Disc systems help local business communities and their members share information about offenders so they can protect their property, staff, customers – and their profits.

Disc supports local Shopwatches, Pubwatches and independent Business Crime Reduction Schemes in urban and rural areas. Many of the country’s biggest shopping malls, major retailers with multiple locations and security providers use Disc too, to protect their own businesses and those of tenants and customers.

There’s a different Disc ‘variant’ for different types of user:  Watch Groups, Business Improvement Districts, major shopping centres, multiple and speciality retailers, sports venues, security companies and police.

As more and more local Disc systems have been established across the country, major shopping malls as well as retail multiples have adopted the system too for internal use.

As Disc has spread – and more and more police officers become aware of its power and effectiveness – increasing number of police forces are now implementing their own Disc systems to deliver support efficiently and effectively to the independent crime-reduction groups and large businesses within their force areas.

With Disc, police forces are delivering more effective, joined-up community policing, and delivering more support, more efficiently, and securely than ever before. Quite simply, Disc is a game-changer.

The power of working together

Each Disc implementation is designed to be autonomous, configured and controlled locally to serve the community it supports.

But Disc is also deigned to enable each local implementation to link easily and seamlessly with any number of others, to share information. Networking like this – always and only with the consent of each participating Disc system – unleashes the undoubted power of working together, making each Disc implementation even more effective.

Most Disc implementations process personal data, and that requires compliance with important data protection law.  The system has been designed to comply with the key concept of ‘data protection by design and default’ and with Best Practice built in as standard.  It features numerous features to ensure easy yet compliant administration such as providing obligatory privacy information as and when required.  Read more about how Disc is ‘compliant by design’ here.

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